I have been using my Wash It for a week now and I am really surprised by the results; I was very skeptical about it as it sounded too good to be true. However, I have put it to the test and it has performed against smelly hockey clothes, dirty/greasy/gross construction clothes and also done great on whites and everyday clothes and towels.

When I first installed it you are to run a couple of cycles without any clothes – WOW was there a lot of old soap residue left in my wash machine! I have a front load so I could see all those soapy bubbles. It was like I had added in detergent! Also, it cleaned out my front load machine really well. If you have one, you probably know what I am talking about – that rubber seal/ring that if you open it up is full of yuck and is really stinky……not anymore!

I noticed that when I take my clothes out of the washer to put into the dryer, they are a lot drier than they used to be so not as much time then spent in the dryer. When I take the clothes out of the dryer, they have no smell.

I appreciate this for a couple of reasons. Typically, in fall,my husband asks me to wash his hunting clothes in a special “no-scent” detergent. I don’t need to do this anymore! Also with a child who has severe allergies and eczema I was buying special “dye-free and scent-free.” detergents. Again, not anymore.

So the savings for me is: no hot water needed, no detergent needed, and less time spent on laundry.

Thank you Wash It!

Kelly Lehr
Madison, WI

“I bought this gadget about three months ago and it really works. Is going to save enough money in detergents and hot water to pay for itself in about six months.”

Paul Edward Manning on Facebook

“We love our wash-it device, clothes are softer than they’ve ever been.”

David Adams on Facebook

“I really like the Wash It detergent-less laundry system. It really does clean without detergent.”

Susan Keller, Online Reviewer

I am always the skeptic but I saw this on sale and thought I would try it. I did alot of research including calling the manufacturer. My HE washer has always had a musty smell, no matter how many times I run bleach through it, it always returns. This isn’t a big deal for whites, because I typically use a little bit of bleach in the load, but for colors, there is always a hint of the must under the fabric softener perfume. Well guess what??? Washing colors with the Wash It the smell is completely gone!!! I bury my nose in the clothes, especially my jeans, and I all smell is fresh air. It still returns in the machine but is quickly wiped out by the ozonated water the first pass. While it consumes a bit more water, I have found it is best to run an express wash with an second rinse for OUTSTANDING results. The true test was when I was working on my daughter’s car. My pants were covered in grime and grease. The Wash It recommends pre-treating stains as you normally would but since these were my throwaway pants I figured I would just throw them in the wash. I was amazed when they came out spotless. Some old stains remained but the new grime and grease were gone!!! I still use a little bleach on whites just to keep them bright but only a third of what I used to. One caveat: I did have to hook the hot water line up to the Wash It because my washer was one that needed pressure in the hot water line. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and it saves energy too because you only use cold water.

Bryan N. from Arizona, Online Reviewer

While I’m not an enviro-whacko at all, this device works as advertised and eliminates the need for any detergents/softeners/bleaches, etc. which can only be good for the environment in the long run. The 4 star rating is only because you need to tweak the blue lever under the unit every time you run a load. If you don’t, it will rarely start on its own.

We’ve run a lot of laundry since the unit was installed with no problems (about 2 months ago). I’m using a top-load washer. Everything so far has come out fresh and clean. In fact, I really prefer it to the perfumery smell imparted by detergents and softeners. There is a slight ozone odor when the washer is filling and during the first wash cycle. I’ve never found it to be objectionable – it’s a very fresh/clean smell.

Paul R. Simmons, Online Reviewer

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